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Leading you to your dreams to fulfill our goal.

Where forex becomes common knowledge, your money starts to work for you. Earn extra at the comfort of your home or work. Our dedicated team works towards helping your forex goals become a reality and make your dreams come true.

We offer education and knowledge on Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities and Energies. Education can be through F2F interaction, eBooks or videos. if you're interested you can also join in our webinars.

We have studied the market, assessed most available trading platforms and have tested almost all brokers in the book just so we can recommend what we believe is the best broker for you.

What we Offer

Making money is the easy part. Keeping that money and making it work for you is rather more complex. which is why we offer financial management solutions.


To engage the vast majority of the South African population in the Forex Market. This way Financial Freedom will be established, KMDN Trading aims to evolve ordinary everyday devices to money generating devices by making your interests our interest.


Our vision is for every South African civilian to have the forex market contibute positively on their income. your success is our success.

Today is the day, you take control of your finances.

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